Fall 1995  
Semester Annual 
DiS Reunion  
Beach Parties  
at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Philadelphia Airport To Rehoboth Beach, DE

Take I-95 South towards Wilmington - West Chester.

Continue through Pennsylvania into Delaware.

Get off at Christiana Mall exit.

Continue on Rte. 1 South.

Road will bear off to the right (you will see a sign for the beaches).

Continue on Rte. 1 South, over Rt. 1 bridge.

Pay $1 toll.

Continue on Rte. 1 South and pay another $1 toll at Dover.

You will go by the outlet shops on Rte. 1 (around Lewes).

Get in the left lane. Look for sign to Alt Rte. 1, Rehoboth Beach.

Go left, you will pass over a tiny drawbridge going into Rehoboth.

To find my house see the map. Follow the line which you can pick up after the left turn leading to the small drawbridge.

(If you instead continue straight from the small drawbridge, you will hit the middle of the boardwalk in the center of town.)

91 Tidewaters Road
Henlopen Acres
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
(302) 227-2451

(Return Directions)
Rehoboth Beach, DE to Philadelphia Airport

Leave Henlopen Acres by turning right out of the drive, and take a left on Pine Reach.

Continue to the STOP sign, turn right.

At the STOP sign turn right onto Henlopen Ave.

Continue to the deadend, turn left.

Go 1/4 way around circle and head out of town.

Follow Rte. 1 North.

At Dover, pay $1 toll.

Continue on Rte. 1 North.

Pay another $1 toll near Rte. 1 bridge.

Follow Rte. 1 to I-95 (right exit).

Take I-95 North.

When you get near Wilmington, follow the signs for I-495.

Continue on I-495 around Wilmington.

The road returns to I-95 just before you enter PA.

When you see the Philadelphia International Airport signs, follow them.

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