Fall 1995  
Semester Annual 
DiS Reunion  
Beach Parties  
at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
DiS Movies

DiS Fall 1995 Semester Music Video
This music video shows over 50 people inside of the DiS building. It was shot over two days in December of 1995.

11 Years of DiSh Kids Music Video
This music video shows scenes from the Fall 1995 semester and every reunion for 10 years (1995-2005). It is set to the music of "The Dance". The meaning of the song is that you could have missed the pain of the semester and summer reunions ending, but if you did then you would have had to miss "the dance".

All 10 Beach Reunions in 17 Minutes
Members of the Fall 1995 Semester Class of Denmark's International Study Program (DiS) reunited every year for 10 years (1996-2005) in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It was a three day, two night party characterized by "Beach, Europop & Carlsberg".

1999 Denmark Reunion Music Video
This music video shows the DIS 40th Anniversary Alumni Reunion in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 8-16, 1999. Six members of the Fall 1995 Semester Class attended.

Denmark Question on Jeopardy!
"Of Norway, Sweden & Denmark, this one is the largest in area". What about Greenland?

Bob Trempe's Tour of Vestergade 7 in 2020
This is a 6 minute and 16 second video tour set to music, of the outside and inside of DiS in Copenhagen, Denmark. The DiS building is located on the Vestergade 7 street where the students study. Bob Trempe posted this video for the Fall 1995 alumni to see for their 25th Annual Zoom Reunion.

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