Fall 1995
Semester Annual

DiS Reunion
Beach Parties
at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
5th & 10th Annual Reunions ~ Awards & Gifts

10th Annual
Awards Presented:
Photo 1   A silver engraved money clip was a surprise gift presented to Rob by Kristen on behalf of everyone. The front says, "Thanks for keeping the memories alive". The back says, "DiSh Kids Fall '95".
Photo 2 An 8x10 silver engraved frame was presented to Bob Trempe for DiS Reunion Beach Party 10 Years Perfect Attendance.
Photo 3 Three Danish Royal Mint's 2004 uncirculated coin sets were presented for attendance records. Kristen Guenzel received one for Most Distance Traveled For Reunions. (Kristen flew from California 6 times for the beach reunions, as well as, flew to Denmark for the get together in 1999. This totals approximately 48,000 miles.) Josh Kantrowitz received one for Runner-Up For Most Beach Reunions Attended. (Josh made 8 beach reunions, 2 winter/spring reunions, and 1 Denmark reunion.) Finally, Bob Trempe received one for Most Beach Reunions Attended. (Bob made 10/10 beach reunions, 2 winter reunions, and was also the most helpful person in assisting with the reunions over the years.)

Special Gift:
Photo 4   DiS boxers were presented to each Kristen and Karna from Bob's CafePress.com site. They say, "DO NOT PLACE IN FREEZER". This references the 3rd Annual when they took all of the guys boxers and hid them. Some of the ones in the freezer cracked in half.

Everyone Received:
Photo 5   a framed copy of a congratulatory letter from Denmark's Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. It was addressed to the 'DIS Alumni of the Fall 1995 Semester' and congratulated them on their 10 years together. (Those not in attendance received it through e-mail.) Click here to read the letter.
Photo 6 the 10 Years Service Commemorative Print photo collage made by Kristen and Bob. The photos were all from the Fall 1995 Semester.
Photo 9 The Quote Book with quotes from the Fall 1995 Semester put together by Kristen. The book includes Mark Roberts' famous quote, "Just 'cause I didn't go to Oktoberfest, now all of a sudden I'm the fat kid in the corner?!" And it has Craig Watkins’ post midterms quote, "Does anyone have two kroner so I can go to the Round Tower and just hurl myself off right now?!"
Photo 8 the option to grab a t-shirt designed by Kristen (originally introduced at the 1st Annual). They say, "DiSh Kids Fall '95" with a Viking carrying a Danish flag on the front. The back says, "Top 10 DiSh Kid Quotes" and lists them.
Photo 7 10th Annual cake on Saturday night.
Photo 10 their small portion of two cans of Christmas Beer straight from Denmark brought by Craig.
Photo 11 encouragement from Bob to visit his CafePress.com store selling (nonprofit) 'DiS' and 'DIS(H)' labeled merchandise. An oval car sticker was already being sported on a vehicle during the reunion.

5th Annual
Photo 12   10th Annual attendees who had not made the 5th Annual finally received their special 5th Annual glass containing the names of all alumni in the reunion group. The photo here also shows other gifts presented that year. The top left contains the formal invitation that was mailed to all invitees. The top right has the 8x10 silver engraved frame that was presented to Rob for his reunion efforts in keeping the DiSh Kids together. This surprise gift was organized by Matt and Tracy and paid for by all attendees. The engraving says in Danish, "To a good friend and a great host ... Thanks for everything, skål!" The bottom left shows the 5th Annual Reunion double CD created by Bob and given to Rob as a gift. The music on it was from and inspired by the semester in Denmark. Finally, the bottom right depicts a bag of fortune cookies containing memorable quotes from the semester. Kristen brought numerous bags of these that she had actually helped make herself.
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